Vegetable Malai(cream) Sandwich


In this hot summer, it’s hard to get the right diet for the morning breakfast with a little time and lots of work. Here it’s a quick recipe “The Malai Sandwich” easy to cook and in less time. I love little spicy so watch your hand while playing with chili powder.

Ingredients: Serving 4 sandwich
cucumber – 1
tomato – 2
onions -2
Bread piece, 1/2 tablespoon chili powder, salt , Malai

Method :

Chop cucumber, tomato, and onion in a bowl. Now add salt and chili according to taste in it. Spread malai on bread pieces and put the filling on the bread piece and then covered other half of bread spread with malai. Now put a pan on the flame and grease with little oil and then put the sandwich on the pan and press with some heavy object. Then cook it.

Variations :

You canĀ  grill it or toast it or eat raw but while in the toast maker and grilling time chances might be that the veggie can get boiled and the crispy-ness will be lost.

Add cheese instead of Malai. Can add cheese or malai in the feeling also to make it richer in calorie but take my words it will be more mouth watering.


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Keep eating and stay healthy.